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In addition to our Herbal Chumket Shampoo, Vittaci Inc. produces a line of personal care and beauty products that also focus on high quality ingredients.

Our Products:


Foaming Facial Cleanser/ Professional Makeup Remover: Deep cleans while improving skin's hydration. Tea Tree Oil & Aloe Vera.

Jaguar Plus Medicated Rubbing Cream: Gives Immediate & Long-Lasting relief from arthritis, backaches, joint and muscle pain, sprains, strains & cramps. 


Foot Cream: Rejuvenates dry, cracked, scaly skin. Relieves itching, burning, & foot odor.


Body Cream: Relieves & nurtures dry skin while protecting it from the daily effects of climate & seasonal changes.


Hand Lotion with SPF: Light refreshing hand lotion with SPF Protection that nourishes & retains skin's moisture.

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